freethrow8 comments on Fashion Report Challenge Week 02

Frankly I am more annoyed Canada Goose Parka at how awful the hints are compared to the scores. The theme last week was “high society”, but people were getting gold scores on the Mog Slippers and outfits that look like they got canada goose clearance dressed in the dark.As someone who uk canada goose outlet actually loves glamour and putting together certain looks and styles I found the Fashion Report irritating. I mean, people were getting lower scores for hats that were made of silk for “Silken Things”.Top scores for “Simple is Best” were the fussy and not simple looking Hannish Wool Top and Falconer Shirt. Since I heard that the Survival Shirts were getting gold I tried the Extreme Survival Shirt (the one that is basically a simple t shirt with no bags or ornamentation) and actually got a lower score.”Cute as Canada Goose Coats On Sale a Button” got gold for the fashion disaster Mog Slippers. I suppose the Bridesmaid Sandals count as “cute”. I tried another type of shoe (can remember which one) that was both cute and had Canada Goose Outlet buttons and I think it only got a couple stars. At least “Friend to the End” made sense.The fact that gold scores leaned heavily towards crafted items with rare materials and Mogstation/event items is very disappointing. I can understand older crafted items with formerly rare materials canada goose clearance sale like the Falconer Shirt since it been around since HW, but the Hannish Wool Top? That cheap canada goose uk only been in the game for a patch and the materials were still rare and expensive even before crafters started jacking their prices up in response to the Fashion Report.Why not give gold scores to dungeons gear and reward those glamourers who were dedicated enough to farm an instance for a drop? I was disappointed that the top hats from St. Mocianne Arboretum/Pharos Sirius (HM) scored so low Canada Goose Online for “Silken Things”. It would have been a good way to get more people to queue for those instances. The localisation team are without canada goose uk black friday the far reaching knowledge of the implications of their changes or interpretations when it comes to anything that affects decisions or gameplay of a player.They don have the knowledge that the original developer has of the depth of a hint or clue involved in a part of gameplay, they absolutely should not be adding their own twists or interpretations when they have no idea how much of a difference Canada Goose online their alterations may be causing a loss of nuance canada goose factory sale and depth that a smart player would know about.This goes double for the ring hint last week, translated literally it would have been “Friend until death”, which very much would NOT cause people to use things like marriage rings in that slot as a marriage partner is not a friend until death but a lover.If any of you localisation men/women are Canada Goose sale lurking these threads, or other staff, I implore you to take this into account. Thats a guaranteed 10k each week. Higher than anything else.You don have to get a high score every week.If you WANT to get a high score every week, then you are going to either stock up on glamour items beforehand uk canada goose or be prepared to pay a premium after the theme is released.Im not even in to glamour and I have most of the gear floating around my inventory. So I imagine that people who ARE into canada goose store glamouring would have so much more. This content is aimed at THOSE people. The canada goose black friday sale glamourers. It gives them something canadian goose jacket to actually DO with all those glamours they been hoarding. It gives them a challenge to figure out each week.Everyone gets to participate and have a go and get a really decent reward for doing nothing.Then for those who see glamour as thing they can go the extra here and get a bit more reward wise.They arnt getting anything you cant get via any other means. You do not HAVE to get high score every week. You are not ENTITLED to high score every single week.I so canada goose uk shop tired of these who think every single person should be getting exactly the same experience, and said experience should require no effort. From canada goose outlet an MMO. An MMO that is trying to appeal to a canada goose coats on sale wide variety of people who have different interests.”I canada goose coats not into glamour and I haven been collecting glamour, canada goose uk outlet but wahh wahh the people who have put energy in to glamouring are now getting something and I want it to!!!”If you don want to spend q9mil on an item then don Not a single person is making you. Do you absolutely HAVE to get top marks every sibgle week? This isn going away. Its not going to end. It will be there next week, and the week after, and the week after. so why do you have to get top score every single week? All it gives you is mpg.There ARE alternative combinations as well. So again. You don have to, Canada Goose Jackets and no one is expecting you, to spend 19mil on a single ugly item for an extra 50k mgp.It IS fun side content until YOU make it not fun by making it all about having the best rating possible by looking up the best combination on reddit.You get 4 chances in which to think about the categories and try to find different combinations that work. That is where the fun comes from. “Oh, will this work? Does it fit buy canada goose jacket cheap the theme?” Try different things! It doesn have to be the most expensive MB item.The moment you EXPECT full scores by going onto reddit and looking up “whats the best combination people have found so I can get this over and done with” is when it loses all sense of fun. It just becomes another task to tick off for the week.

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