If you fishing for DJ slots you probably left it far too late this year as most people will have lineups confirmed in advance of the Rockstar Librarian deadline on the 11th.If you need any extra DJs for your art car let me know.madsci 21 points submitted 1 year agoOne of my favorite playa gifts ever is a thick (plasma cut?) metal pendant. Though to be fair, I also received at least a dozen others that just sit in my box of trinkets.One year I made something like 200 brass pendants myself, very finely engraved so that you could read the street names with a hand lens at least for the ones where the engraving tip was fresh. I probably have 100 of them still kicking around in my shop and in every box of camping gear.Etched stainless steel collapsible cups went over really well, but I got sick of masking and sandblasting.

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