Boss reveals 10 massive storylines for autumn

We can barely get our cheap canada goose uk heads around all of the massive things coming up so we sat down for an in depth chat with Oaks puppet master himself, Bryan Kirkwood. Here, he tells us all about the stunt, which families will be central, the major returns of Sienna and Sinead and the wedding of the year. cheap Canada Goose Plus much, more more!I’m excited by so much we’ve got canada goose factory sale coming up. We have, as always, a really fantastic cocktail of big, mad Hollyoaks drama, huge romances and those amazing real life issue stories that we tell so well. What’s fantastic is that this autumn we’ve got Mercedes McQueen back and we’ll also soon have Sienna Blake and Sinead O’Connor back buy canada goose jacket cheap and joining our amazing cast, that feels like an exciting time for Hollyoaks. We’re incredibly proud of our stunt last year, it was a triumph, but we wanted to uk canada goose outlet move away this year from the traditional explosion, accident or Canada Goose sale villain running around with an axe which always works very well for us, by the way! This year, we have canada goose coats a number of stories for our biggest characters the Hutchinsons, Ste and Harry, the Lomaxes and the Nightingales and Quinns all at the canada goose coats on sale peak of their biggest stories of the year.These will make way and give birth to the biggest stories of next year. All of this happens in the worst week of weather Hollyoaks has ever seen there’s wind, rain, thunderstorms and lightening. Everything has a really heightened edge. We also have the Maaliks in there as well who have become an extremely important family for us after a very big canada goose clearance year. It’s a very canada goose outlet exciting time.On canada goose uk black friday whether there will be a death:(laughs) It wouldn’t be Hollyoaks and stunt week if there weren’t a few surprises! There’s emotion all canada goose uk outlet through it. We think the audience is really going to enjoy it.On Sinead’s return:Sinead is such a rich and compelling character. She is outrageous but so vulnerable as well and I think that’s the secret to how Stephanie plays it so beautifully. She makes some really, really terrible decisions but because she comes from such a vulnerable place, you can forgive her. She does something particularly outrageous in her first five seconds back in the show when I saw it, I punched the air. I really hope the audience shares my delight in having Steph back where she belongs.(Picture: Lime Pictures)Both we and Anna Passey are so proud of what Sienna has become. She was brought in as a Canada Goose Jackets visiting villain to destroy Nancy and Darren’s life and has become one of the Hollyoaks all stars. But we’re very keen to star looking forward with Sienna rather than always looking back at the legacy of the Blake canada goose family. While we will absolutely revisit the devastation of losing three children, what we really are delighted about is that this new, returning Sienna has new ambitions, new goals and a new drive motivated by the hurt of the past. It’s a brand new exciting chapter coming her way.Sienna the teacher:Sienna has some very grounded goals for once she uk canada goose doesn’t want to steal someone’s husband, she doesn’t want to steal someone’s baby, she just wants a job, imagine that! Sienna is one of our only characters with a degree so she decides where she wants to be is in a career that made her dad very happy. Knowing that a lot of people bear ill feeling towards her, she appeals to Myra whose partner is Sally, Canada Goose online to throw her a bone. I think it’s a really sweet, baby step kind of story where we see one of our favourite characters trying so hard to achieve something. It’s really delightful and gettable that’s not to say that Sienna won’t find herself in enormous drama very soon but it feels like a great thing to be in such fresh territory with Anna Passey.James’ big autumn:Once again, the Nightingales will be central. They occupy the most gothic, Dynasty type territory in the show and we love them for it. Mac is back and he is such a delicious, vicious villain and David Easter gives a brilliant performance. There is so much unfinished business between Mac and Marnie and James not least James’ secret son Romeo, who is now slap bang in the middle of the village. He hasn’t quite found the courage to tell James that he is his father yet but it’s Hollyoaks secrets do come out and those secrets will explode. The consequences will be felt all over autumn.You can expect huge drama here. It’s a gift to us that those actors have managed to inspire such devotion in their fanbase it’s a wonderful thing and credit to the actors for being so engaging and inspiring in their roles. Ste has a worthy enemy in James and then there’s Harry’s choices and decisions and mistakes will be the centrepiece to the start of our big week in October.What now for Ollie and Brody?One of the biggest storylines over autumn will Canada Goose Parka be the canada goose clearance sale ongoing consequences of what happened to Ollie and Brody following the fallout of the Buster revelation. We’ll see both men take very different paths new friendships and romances for canadian goose jacket those two brilliant new leading men. Both Aedan Duckworth and Adam Canada Goose Outlet Woodward have become Hollyoaks stars and really blossomed in the last six monthsCleo’s wedding woe:Cleo’s story has been hiding in plain sight for a number of months. That’s the reality of diseases like bulimia or anorexia people hide them from their loved ones and friends for many, many months or years. Although it’s not been an A story, it has been truthfully told. With Cleo’s wedding to Joel around the corner, it’s time for Cleo’s secrets to be revealed. We have one of our single strand issue episodes for that wedding we are enormously proud of. It has a brand new take on a story that we have told before. It’s a very responsible and cautionary tale.On the joy of working at Hollyoaks:I make no secret of loving this place the show, the cast and the stories we can tell. It challenges me every single day. The team around me we have two exceptional new series producers in Hannah Sowden and Gary canada goose store Sewell their talent and appetite for hard work and ambition for their show inspires me. We’re a huge team here responsible for making Hollyoaks as good as we think it is. It’s fantastic to see the feedback from stories such as the Buster, Ollie and Brody story that recipe that we have got right now of big soapy stories, big romance stories and strong issue led stories is the right one for Hollyoaks. We have a great run of stories planned right up to the middle of next year.And a final, brief summary of autumn in Hollyoaks village:Stormy! What’s that song? There may be trouble aheadYou buy canada goose jacket can catch the Hollyoaks autumn trailer on the soap’s social channels when it launches Canada Goose Coats On Sale on Monday 17th September at 5pm.MORE: canada goose black friday sale Hollyoaks spoilers: Prince McQueen to take on Romeo Quinn over LilyMORE: Hollyoaks spoilers: Sarah Jayne Dunn hints at reveal of Darren and Mandy’s affairShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link.

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