there has to be room for improvement

Even leaders need coaching. Being assigned a CXO coach is fast canada goose outlet store uk becoming a de facto and an indication of the value of the leader, as Sadhana Somasekhar puts it, in the US and other developed economies.

canada goose coats on sale Sadhana would know. She herself is a busy CXO/Executive coach. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket “Coaching is not a profession for me in the limited canada goose outlet black friday definition of the word; it’s a passion. I was told there was no winning for the coach. But there is! I win each time my leader/’coachee’ wins. We team to win. It’s wonderful. And, there’s a double whammy for when the win happens, it’s something that multiplies, benefits everybody. A tangible impact!” she tells R Rajesh Kumar in an canada goose outlet new york city interview, where she canada goose outlet online uk also shares her views on the essential traits every good leader must have, leadership in the age of technology, the state of canada goose outlet in usa women in corporate boardrooms and much more. canadian goose jacket

My first exposure canada goose outlet sale to executive coaching was initially at a NASSCOM conference. As part of the National Council canada goose outlet store for NASSCOM’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative, and as its chairperson (in Tamil Nadu) at that juncture, I met senior executive coaches on occasion. Coaching was still an unfamiliar/uncommon concept to corporate India then.

Canada Goose Parka I was fascinated with the intent, process, and conscious of how powerfully transformative such an engagement would be! Especially to the larger picture of corporate excellence one that could be achieved through coaching. Canada Goose Parka

It was after I went through Executive/Leadership Coaching myself, and the tremendous impact and change it brought about in me, that I became a ‘believer’. I also realised this was what I wanted to do going canada goose outlet toronto factory forward. I wanted to Coach!

Canada Goose Jackets I went on pursue the interest with singular focus and affirmatively, going through the rigorous training and study that qualified/certified and equipped me canada goose black friday sale to become a professional official canada goose outlet coach. I deliberately canada goose outlet reviews use the term ‘affirmatively’, as it involved stepping out of my then corporate role canada goose outlet uk and career, which was at its zenith, with great returns etc., etc. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale I stepped out of my ‘comfort zone’, transitioning completely over the past eight years, from a highly successful albeit, stereotypical corporate leader to a canada goose outlet Leadership/Executive Coach. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Did the prospect of being relegated to the role of back stage player ever worry you? What drove you in spite of this? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

As one of my early coaching mentors had to say, to be a good coach, one has to step out of the direct limelight and move away from the awards and recognition for oneself. When victories come, they canada goose factory outlet will always be hidden ones for the coach, with the leaders who have been coached in the limelight and centre stage!

Canada Goose Outlet I was ready for this, despite there being those who expressed their doubts on my decision to ‘exit’, considering most people take up coaching when nearing, often after, retirement. Canada canada goose outlet Goose Outlet

I have almost 28 years in frontline business and strategy primarily P (Profit and Loss) responsibilities at the core. Although I have never been formally responsible for HR/L (Learning and Development) or other such ‘people functions’, I’ve always been proactively involved in, and been a fan of personal and people development in the workplace and beyond.

canada goose clearance As someone who has only ever worked in and been accountable within environments where performance is critical and absolute, I was, and continue to be, convinced that skills such as emotional intelligence, managing/changing (our own) behaviour, resilience and the ability to sustain performance are essential constituents of the package of skills that everybody needs. If you ask me, it should be on the curriculum canada goose outlet online for everyone, especially those with high potential. canada goose clearance

The idea that you can develop yourself and your career by leveraging your strengths, developing or improving emotional intelligence, and modifying behaviour to ones that gain you more leverage, is a potent one. canada goose outlet jackets So, it’s regrettable that people are not assisted/coached in this area earlier in life, and that such skills are often overlooked until the need for them becomes critical and ‘needed’.

What about the skills that you believed you brought to this challenging job? Also, how is it being a woman in this role?

canada goose uk outlet Looking inward, goose outlet canada I realised I had the basic ingredients to becoming a “skilled helper”, namely canada goose uk outlet

1. The attitude and passion to help leaders move forward.

Canada Goose online 2. The experience from almost canada goose outlet shop three decades in top management leadership, frontline business building and running them and functioning in boardrooms Canada Goose online

3. Formal training in executive coaching.

As a practising coach, with engagements across geographies, gender has not been a factor nor a consideration, both as a coach and with respect to the leaders whom I coach. There have been exceptions to the norm, and primarily from a point of personal preference and engagement comfort, where the ‘coachees’ were women and requested for a woman as the coach.

canada goose uk black friday What I do know/have realised today is that it’s not even just about the technique or your gender or your history it’s the ability of the coach to inspire and engage, which becomes the crux of the relationship canada goose outlet nyc and it’s success. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose outlet The rest then just falls in place. That’s when the passion for progress, improvement (self and others) and transformation becomes innate in the coachee and the pull factor to the relationship! uk canada goose outlet

canada goose store Going by your experience, what would you list as the essential support an executive coach should have? Any traits you insist on in the leaders whom you coach? canada goose store

canada goose The coaching journey is about moving from the “Good to Great”. I’m selective and rather discerning about where and who I engage with in my client relationships. In that, it cannot be for the sake of “process” or just a check list action item at canada goose jacket outlet the level of the Organization. canada goose

The system has to support the ‘coachee’ in the aftermath of the change. There has to be a roadmap when application and progress are possible and clear. Else, however successful the engagement, an unclear future will only result in frustration, disengagement and probably even relapse to old, unproductive behaviours.

canada goose uk shop By the same token, even if the intent and plans are clear at the level of the Organisation, coaching cannot/will not work if we are dealing with non believers. canada goose uk shop

The three basic canada goose outlet uk sale tenets expected of the leader being coached are “courage, humility and discipline”. I ascertain acceptance and commitment canada goose outlet canada to these tenets before proceeding.

What about the organisations? How do businesses approach Executive Coaching?

buy canada goose jacket Businesses largely seem to think of Executive Coaching as a perquisite only for leaders, and even then, something significant has to happen before the decision is made to invest in leadership and personal development, for example, coaching for business transformation. But today, business transformation is not a project it’s an ongoing reality buy canada goose jacket.