If someone is only out looking for Ebooks would they really care about buying a Playstation 4 in order to read it? no they would look at what Ereader they would like to read it with and Visual Novels don launch on anything like a kindle. What device you use to read the visual novel makes a huge difference with how you market it I would assumeI respect this viewpoint while also offering a counter argument: while your perspective appears objective in your description of a “game” (mechanics, success, etc.) your use of the term “actual” belies that end. What is an actual conflict? Beating a boss? Landing a jump? Finding a way around a locked door? Simply opening a door? Walking across a scary room?Each of these could be a conflict of one kind of another against an enemy, against distance and momentum, against level design, against your sense of bearings in a location, against a player fear of the unknown.Once we remove the word “actual” the conflict in a moment of a game becomes whatever the player deems as one.

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